AIMS Digital Library
AIMS digital Library has been created for the convenience of the users, which acts as a gateway to all electronic resources available in the Library.
Users can access it anytime from anywhere in the campus via AIMS intranet. In addition to the print materials, the Library offers access to thousands of electronic journals, books, magazines and videos.
EBSCO Stacks  (The Lbrary Webpage):
Stacks is a web-based content management system All digital resources subscribed by the Library have been displayed and can be accessed from a single platform.
There is also a search facility that enables you to search for e journals, eBooks and full text of Journal articles.
EBSCO Discovery Service
All the databases and journals have been integrated in this site which can be easily accessed through links provided.
The powerful search system allows various levels of searching, from basic to advanced and gives direct access to the full text articles.
For understanding different types of searching please refer below PDF Document.