The Library would be open on all working days from 08:am to 10 pm (the outside reading room will remain open till 11.30 PM )  and on Sundays and holidays, from 2 pm. to 10 pm.  Closure on any other day will be subject to prior notification.
Files, Bags, Laptop bags, coats are not allowed inside the library. These may be deposited on the shelves provided at the entrance of the library.
You are advised not to leave any valuable, money, Cellphones etc. in the bags depositing area. The library is not be responsible for the loss of any of the above mentioned articles.

Service Provided

Lending of books for home/hostel reading.
Internet Browsing of online resources of the Library
Photocopies, Computer print outs, Scanning facility.

Reading room Rules

Students can use the reading room for reading books in the library. Strict silence has to be maintained in the Library. They have to contact the library staff and request for the book they like to read.
Students have to hand over their ID cards to the librarian before taking the book and sign for the book they would like to read. The books have to be returned to the librarian and ID cards have to be collected before leaving the library
  • Strict silence is to be maintained inside the library.
  • Food, beverages, and water bottles are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Kindly do not leave any personal books and documents in the library.
  • Use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • You are advised not to leave any valuables, money, mobile phones in the library, the library staff are not responsible for any loss of the above articles.



 Application form for membership is available at the Library counter and the filled up form may be submitted to the Chief Librarian.
 Students are entitled to get one book issued at a time for a period of seven days. Issued book can be renewed for one more week before the due date, if there is no demand for the book by any other user.

Fine for Late Return of Books

Under Graduates – A fine of Re.1- 00 per day till the date of return.

PG Doctors and Faculty – A fine Rs.5-00 per day till the date of return.

Marking on library books, using pens, highlighters or even pencils is stritly prohibitted. Tearing of pages, causing damage to the book shall be strictly dealt with. You may be asked to replace the book or remit the cost of the book in such cases.


No cash payments of any kind (charges for photocopies, prints, fines associated with delayed returns or loss of books) are to be made in the library directly. The Library staff are not authorized to make any collections in this regard.
For students, all dues will be entered against their names and the dues are expected to be cleared by the students at the concerned Finance Counters before the exams.
For PG doctors and faculty the charges shall be deducted from the salary as per the statements sent from the Library to the finance dept.